Friday, September 21, 2007

آرایش موی کس

the coast of Japan will be re-stained with blood, stop the slaughter of dolphins

This October, as every year, the coast of Taiji (Japan) were stained with blood. About 20,000 dolphins are attracted to the coast and holed up in the shallow bays surrounding this population. The local fishermen will hunt them relentlessly, in the most cruel, using spears, knives and hooks to hurt while waiting to bleed out slowly before uploading them to their boats. This is the slaughter of dolphins.
The Japanese Government argues the slaughter of dolphins, repeated year after year, that dolphin hunting is part of Japanese culture. The reality is that most Japanese (Let alone the rest of the world) know that this event occurs. The authorities concerned to hide it well.
Taiji fishermen justify the slaughter in which the dolphins eat fish resources in the area. Argue that they need to reduce its population to prevent losses. The reality is that the sale of dolphin meat hunting and trade that they do with young females capturing and selling them to zoos and aquariums, is a profit to those who are not willing to resign.
As always, acts of animal cruelty and traditions are concealed hiding and the blood money that report.
Help us stop the slaughter of delfinesuniéndote our campaign. There are many things you can do to help pressure the Japanese government to stop this horrible slaughter
Internet Difúndenos
Send a letter to the Ambassador of Japan to denounce the slaughter of dolphins. Join now
@ now Equanimal Foundation
Among everyone can cope with the slaughter of dolphins. Taken


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